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Line of Research: Hospitality personality and behaviour

ETFI- researcher Victoria Naisola devotes her research in exploring the notion of hospitableness as a heredity and acquirable facet of personality trait in order to enhance the service provider’s performance outcome.

Genuinely Hospitable or Hospitable Skills
The delivery of services is dynamic as it varies for no guest or host have identical demands and requests beseeching the necessity to accommodate different behavioural attributes as well as mindsets. Hospitality employees are considered the pathways to an organizational service quality encounters, hence, the importance in identifying and selecting employees who possess the genuine hospitableness trait above merely hospitable skills.  Possessing  the right hospitable skills does not essentially mean that one is genuinely hospitable, thus performance regarding guest/ customer service requires more than the technical component of the job. Commercial operations within the hospitality should be aligned with quality of experiences and encounters that deliver enhanced value. How can genuine hospitableness be used as a competitive element for commercial hospitality operators? 

Research approach and outcome
Scrutinize the hospitality industry through an extensive literature review and analyse insinuations of hospitality employees who display the qualities of hospitableness as a trait on service encounters.  My research ambitions are to develop and test a hospitable measurement instrument . This  will be  supported by an in-depth analysis of hospitable service skills as set by the industry and genuine hospitableness as personality traits. This will then enable the study to identify similarities between industry employees who display the qualities of genuine hospitableness and their personality traits to be used as competitive element for commercial operators. 
The study anticipates to have an impact on the hospitality industry’s development and enhancement of the quality of the experience between guests and hosts encounters while focusing on the hospitality industry’s fundamental competencies and behavioural expectations. 

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